The best way to make a donation to Disability Support Uganda is to send money to directly to DiSU. Of course sending money to Uganda is not a simple process. Banking services are unreliable and difficult to access. Paypal does not support sending money. Money can be sent using a mobile payment system also known as mobile money. The option that I recommend for sending money to Uganda is:
sendvalu Their service is reasonably priced and they give good support. As of today (8/7/2016) it will cost US$2.67 to send US$100. You will need to send them a photo of you passport or the identity card of the country you are sending money from.
sendvalu will ask for the following details with you transaction:
Main contact mobile +256 782 517850
Second contact Mobile +256 702904531
Full name of recipient Jacqueline Molly Atugonza (the President of DiSU)
If you are not put off by this rigmarole and you wish to make a donation we will be sent notification of your name and the amount of the donation. 

If you would like a receipt please send us an email and we will send your receipt with details of how your money will be used.

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