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Peter Smith
I am Peter Smith, a 59 year old Englishman born in South London in the United Kingdom. I have lived more than half my life in New Zealand so I regard myself as a Kiwi (New Zealander). I am currently living in Moscow in the Russian Federation with my wife who I married in 2010.

In June 2001 I had a stroke from which I have completely recovered. As a result of my rehabilitation I decided to retrain as a Nurse. I had been a computer programmer all my life until I started my Nursing training in January 2003.

I completed my Bachelor of Nursing at the end of 2005 at the Eastern Institute of Technology, Taradale, New Zealand. I got my Nursing Registration in January 2006.

My first job as a Registered Nurse was working on a neurological ward at the Hastings Memorial Hospital, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, (Hawke's Bay District Health Board).

My next job was working for a brain injury rehabilitation service called ABI Rehabilitation in West Auckland, New Zealand. I was the Residential Nurse caring for 28 clients.

Until 2012 I was a New Zealand Registered Comprehensive Nurse. I will resume Nursing when I return to New Zealand.


  1. Hello Peter, My name is Christa Preston and I am the Executive Director of embraceKulture, an organization based in Entebbe working for children with intellectual disabilities. I would love to learn more about your work and see how our efforts could support one another. Perhaps we could connect?

    1. Hi Christa,
      Sorry it took so long to reply. I thought Blogger would notify me!
      I am aware of your work, I have mentioned you or embraceKulture in a few blog posts.
      Disability Support Uganda is an NGO run by PWDs for PWDs.
      I created this blog because I am friend of the President Jacqueline Atugonza, she can describe the work she does at grassroots level better than me.
      We are currently promoting Abilities 256, auditions for a talent contest for PWDs. We have ha 1 audition which you may have seen. You may be interested in joining in with that - please watch our Facebook page or this blog for more details of Auditions.
      At the moment I am living in Moscow but I expect to be visiting Uganda in May.
      I think it would be good to connect.
      Thank you for your interest, and bst wishes with your work,
      Peter Smith

      I am https://www.facebook.com/dohpeterchina on facebook.