About DiSU

Who we are
Disability Support Uganda (DiSU) is a non political community based organization established in 2012 to give support to persons with disabilities (PWDs) and their families. DiSU is fully registered with the directorate of community based services Wakiso district, Uganda. Its registration number is WCBO/0934/16.

Our primary focus is to assist PWDs and their families achieve economic self reliance through inclusive education, basic health care, cultural and sports participation, and low capital income generating activities that take advantage of tax incentives.

Core Areas

  • Protecting and supporting PWDs and their families.
  • Protecting and supporting children with disabilities (CWDs) and their families.
  • Protecting and supporting the families of PWDs and CWDs affected by HIV/AIDS. 
  • Strengthening access to basic health care for all PWDs.
  • Empowering PWDs in poverty.
  • Strengthening cultural and sports values for PWDs.
To create an environment where all PWDs are empowered to reach their full potential.


To create an environment in which PWDs and their families are empowered to survive and fully and participate in community development.

  1. To reduce unemployment rates among PWDs
  2. To advocate for protection of PWDs rights.
  3. To promote cultural, skills and sports participation
  4. To advocate for inclusion education and fight hunger and malnutrition among PWDs especially CWDs.
What we do
We work to empower PWDs with knowledge and information through:
  • Supporting their health
  • In inclusive education
  • Taking part in cultural activities
  • Learning sports skills 
We give information to PWDs that will be of the best benefit 

We advise on scholarships and institutions that give scholarships to CWDs and PWDs.

We work with other organizations and institutions to fight poverty, abuse, neglect and malnutrition.

Where we Work
Currently we operate in two districts in Uganda with an intention to expand to the whole country.

Current Work
Currently we work with a number of PWDs, there families and communities in some districts.

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